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Become a volunteer

If you'd like to make a difference in your community, volunteering at the Memphrémagog Food Bank is the opportunity for you! We offer a wide range of tasks. So, by getting involved with the BAM, you can be sure that we'll make sure to assign you where your interests lie. For more information, please fill in the form below.


Make an online donation

Zeffy is a secure donation platform for NPOs (non-profit organizations). When you make a donation via this platform, Zeffy gives 100% of your donation to the Memphrémagog Food Bank. You choose whether or not you wish to support the platform financially with absolutely no obligation. For more information about this, visit Zeffy's Help Center in the Zeffy for donors section.

Make a donation in cash or in memoriam

At the Memphrémagog Food Bank, your donation is directly linked to our mission of providing food assistance to the residents of the Memphrémagog MRC who are in need, in order to help improve their living conditions.

Make a food donation

You can make a food donation to the Memphrémagog Food Bank.

Here's what you need to know:

Food donations must be dropped off at the Food Bank at 581 Sherbrooke street, on the side of the building near the yellow conveyor, during BAM opening hours.

NOTE: We cannot accept home-cooked meals due to MAPAQ (Québec department of agriculture, fisheries and food) sanitary standards.

Please ensure that the expiration date is still valid on the food.

The following foods are nutritious and, for the most part, economical. When you make a donation to the Food Bank, you can also include treats and some more expensive foods that disadvantaged families can't usually afford. Beyond the basics, think about what you'd like to receive.

- Fruit purée and canned fruit
- Canned fish
- Crackers
- Canned soups
- Nutritious, allergen-free bars
- Potatoes, carrots
- Eggs
- Pasta sauce

We serve 17 municipalities spread over more than 1,300 square km, and we need you!